Where should I start? About 4.5 billions years ago...wait, no. In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth... no, not there. It was a cold winter in Washington 1985, the year DNA was first used in a criminal case and the game Tetris was released when I began to grow in my mother's womb. Oh, that's not the right place either. Honestly? My story took a really dark turn around the age of three and stayed pretty dim until 2019. Child abuse, juvie, sexual assaults, suicide attempts, self-harm, domestic violence, homelessness, toxic relationships, and some pretty bizarre things going on inside my head. Many people think crazy insane psycho lady suits me pretty well. Maybe that's true, if you believe the shame filled mental health stigma, social biases, and hollywood theatrics. We will pass on all that garbage and do our best to be our authentic selves.

TS | They/Them/Theirs | Mother | Virgo
"Elder" Millenial | Masters in Psychology
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